Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trances Arc, Dead Confederate & The Whigs @ Bowery Ballroom 3/7/09 (Setlist & Pictures)

It was a bit of a battle getting off the couch tonight. I had a bit of a rough go last night; lost my phone and my concert going companion, so it took some extra effort to get me out the door for this one, but once I made it over to the Bowery Ballroom I was glad I made the trip. I mean you can't have a handle like 'Jim Longstreet' and miss Dead Confederate right?

I arrived in time to catch most of Trances Arc's set. I didn't know these guys prior to the show but they were solid. Some catchy riffs in there and a good overall sound. Keep up with them on tour over at their blog. Everybody's doing it, right?
After Trances Arc, the venue started to fill in a little more and Dead Confederate came on. I'd only known a few of their tunes prior to the show, so no full setlist here, but I definitely remember "All Angels", "Heavy Petting, "The Goner" and "The Rat". I might be a little biased with my namesake on this forum being a dead confederate himself, but I really enjoyed these guys set. They've got a song that almost reminds me of the grunge era...and I mean that in a good way...almost Hole crossed with Drive By Truckers...something like that. Oh, and their guitarist has a sick beard. I picked up Dead Confederate's full length debut 'Wrecking Ball' at the show and will be taking that in over the coming weeks. These guys definitely deserve a further listen. Keep up with them on the road over at their blog.
As an aside, they also used only floor lights for their set. As an amateur photographer trying to get a handle on how to take the best concert pics possible, this put a new twist on the composition of their pictures. I'd never seen a show lit this way. You can be the judge but I kinda like the way the pictures came out. It was certainly a different on stage look in person.
After 2 very solid hours of rocking, The Whigs came on a little after 11:30. High energy is the best way to describe their set. We got some good jumps off the drum platform and at points sweat from Parker into the first rows (or at least close). After listening to their 'Mission Control' album for the last couple days, I have to say that these guys are even better in person. The album itself is good, but you can't feel the energy that they bring in person over your ipod. It was an impressive show and in the end one that I am glad I dragged myself off the couch for ('Already Young' was sick!). Scroll down for all the multimedia goodies and these guys have a blog too.

The Whigs @ Bowery Ballroom 3/7/09 Setlist
Mission Control
Like A Vibration
Hot Bed
Can't Hear You Coming
Violet Furs
Don't Talk Anymore
I Am For Real
Nothing Is Easy
Alabama Stars
Half The World Away
OK, Alright
Right Hand On My Heart
Already Young
Give 'Em All A Big Fat Lip
Need You Need You

Trances Arc

Dead Confederate

Dead Confederate @ Bowery Ballroom - "The Rat"

The Whigs

The Whigs @ Bowery Ballroom - "Right Hand On My Heart"

Dead Confederate - Goner
Head over to Rollo & Grady for an interview w/ Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate and some more tunes.

The Whigs - Technology (Live)

Head over to My Old Kentucky Blog to hear some tunes from The Whigs' in-studio recording for MOKB's sirius radio show.

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