Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dan Auerbach @ Metro w/ Hacienda and Those Darlins - 3/6/09

Gonna try to keep this one short since Riley Freeman already posted the set list from the show. We had a good crew for the show as me, Susan, Frankie B and my buddy Matt Reid did a little pre-grubbing on some pizaa at D'Agostinos. We met up with Mr. Freeman and Colin outside the gates at 8:30, but with The Ginergerman right next door and D. Auerbach not going on until 10:00 or so, we decided it was in our best interests to make a little love, play a little pool and just get down tonight.

After Susan scratched on the 8-ball in game 1, Frankie and Matty ran the table against a various crew of characters who wanted in on the fun. Well played gentlemen. Me, Bill and Colin did good work on some priced-to-move PBRs and then it was game time so we headed next door for the show. The next tape in the reel was apparently blank as little details are clear, even in retrospect. We missed out on Those Darlins, but Riley made up for it by partying with them post-show. Caught Hacienda from up top though, and it was fine, fine, just fine. Here's some fuzzy pics from the crow's nest.

We made it down in front-left for D. Auerbach. Good, loud times. More fuzzy pics for your pocket.

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  1. I know the dangers inherent in priced to move PBR's all too well. Thanks for the recap Dank and thanks for the pics Susan.