Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dan Auerbach @ Metro 3/6/09 Setlist

Rockin' ass time last night. Dan Auerbach crushed it @ the Metro.

1. Trouble
2. I Want More
3. The Prowl
5. When I Leave The Room
6. My Last Mistake
7. Mean Monsoon
8. Oh Carol
9. Real Desire
10. Money and Trouble
11. Street Walkin'
12. When The Night Comes in
13. Whispered Words
14. Heartbroken
15. Keep it Hid
16. Inside Lookin Out
2 songs, one was a cover, not sure on the names of either songs.
**Update - 'Goin Home' was the first song for the encore (thanks Tom)**


Keep It Hid

Below are a couple of pics CLO snagged on his techy iPhone to wet your appetite. More pics and a full recap will be up soon.


  1. Wagoner's ribs in Valpo tonight! And Catie Curtis is coming to Evanston-SPACE-on May 1, 2009.

  2. This show was most def rockin. Dan and crew came through in a big way. We had sooo much fun with y'all "stage left".

  3. Goin Home was the first encore song