Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Built To Spill @ The Vic, Chicago 9/26/09 (Setlist)

The Idaho rockers, Built To Spill were in Chicago this past weekend for a show at The Vic. A solid night that seemed to build in intensity (or was it my own buzz increasing?). Lead singer Doug Martsch answered the numerous personal shout outs of "You The Man, Doug!" with an epic encore of about 30 minutes with the version of "Conventional Wisdom". Good stuff. You are the man, Doug.

Built To Spill @ The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL 9/26/09
1. Intro
2. Oh Yeah
3. In The Morning
4. The Plan
5. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
6. Hindsight
7. Wherever You Go
8. Reasons
9. Three Years Ago Today
10. Sidewalk
11. Timetrap
12. One Thing
13. Stab
14. Car
15. You Were Right
16. Conventional Wisdom

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Phoenix @ Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL 9/23/09: Pictures!

The Phoenix posts continue... Pictures from the show last night come to us courtesy of KZ.

Videos can still be found here and here (with the setlist).

More stills under the fold.


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Phoenix @ Aragon Ballroom 9/23/09 Chicago, IL: More Videos & Setlist

Fun night at the Aragon last night. I hadn't been able to get "Lisztomania" out of my head (probably annoying to my fellow concert goers) so it was fun to have them open with that one. We posted the encore rendition of "1901", but lots more videos from the evening w/ Phoenix including some on stage climbing and a jaunt into the crowd for lead singer Thomas Mars. Full setlist also included below.

Phoenix - "Lasso"

Phoenix - "Armistice"

Phoenix - "Love Like A Sunset Part II"

Phoenix - "Funky Square Dance"

Phoenix - "If I Ever Feel Better"

Thomas Mars - Post "1901" in the crowd

Phoenix @ The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL 9/23/09 SETLIST:
1. Lisztomania
2. Long Distance Call
3. Lasso
4. Napoleon Says
5. Run Run Run
6. Armistice
7. Fences
8. Girlfriend
9. Love Like a Sunset Part I
10. Love Like a Sunset Part II
11. Consolation Prizes
12. Rome
13. Funky Squaredance
14. Party Time?
15. Playground Love
16. Too Young Play
17. If I Ever Feel Better
18. 1901

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Monsters Of Folk "Say Please" on Conan 9/22

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Phoenix @ Aragon Ballroom 9/23/09 Chicago, IL: Video Teaser

More videos and pictures to come of the Phoenix show from last night at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, but while we get things all uploaded take in their encore performance of "1901". Good times.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video Fun: The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Eye Of The Tiger"...also playing this Sat. 9/26 at Schuba's

This is a kinda old video from The Rural Alberta Advantage's performance from 5/29/09 at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Been meaning to post it. Never did, but with The RAA coming into Chicago this weekend to play at Schuba's (Sat. 9/26), I figured it was fitting. It was a fun and unexpected cover. I dunno that I'd heard an acoustic version of "Eye Of The Tiger" before this, but I love me some Rocky IV so I like. Enjoy and go check these guys out this weekend. They didn't make Riley's Chicago Concert Radar but they probably should have.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary Dies at 72

I grew up listening to Peter, Paul and Mary records thanks to Momma HGH, probably explains connection I feel towards folk music. Mary Travers will most certainly be missed. Below are some videos to help you remember. Unfortunately I couldn't find my favorite song, 'Springhill Mine Disaster.'

here she is doing a Dylan favorite of mine:

and a timeless classic... sing along now!

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Album Review: Monsters Of Folk

Overall very chill album. Definitely not gonna rock out with it but who thought they would? Kind of music you should lay around and do nothing but listen closely, there are a lot of layers. If you like any or all these gents you'll be more than pleased with the album. Below you'll find my thoughts/notes as I listened to the Monsters of Folk album for the first time.

Dear God - Not gonna lie when I first heard the drum machine and the vocals I thought I had a Jamiroquai album playing on accident.

Say Please - Very, well, ... M. Ward.

Whole Lotta Losin'
- M. Ward meets... Eddie Cochran meets... Culture Club? I don't know but I like it.

- Conor Oberst takes the vocals and sets the mood. Not sure he'll ever escape sounding like he's about to cry. Although he was able to perk it up on his self titled solo album with tracks like 'I Don't Want To Die'. He's right back with his sob songs whether intentional or not with this one. Good song but I'll probably take a piss during this one if they play it at the show in October. DK and James can hold hands and sway while I pick up a couple more beers. I'm sure they'll love this one in the balcony across from us.

The Right Place
- First stand out track in my mind. Not the quickest song but the melody doesn't drag ass either. I could see this becoming a crowd favorite. Its got just the right amount of twang coming from the guitar too to make me smile.

Baby Boomer
- almost a Johnny Cash train song rhythm on this one. The call and response singing is great too. Fun to hear all these guys really show themselves in one song instead of taking turns in the spotlight. If I was on facebook I'd click 'likes this' ... is that a slide guitar in the background?

Man Named Truth
- Something about this one reminds me of the Rawhide theme. And I got my wish, a little life out of Conor Oberst. "Turn an Honest Man into DIABLO!" ... kinda makes me want to dance.

- Feel good, feel hippy fun

Ahead of the Curve
- Lyrically strong, musically average. Like the line: 'I'm not carefree, no, I'm free to care I just never do'

Slow Down Jo
- Sounds like what the Beastie Boys song, Netty's Girl, was a parody of. Good relaxing jam none the less. Now someone fan me, feed me grapes, and bring me a glass of wine.

Losin Yo Head
- Intro got my attention. Gets a little edgier at the end, could be a fun one live.

Magic Marker
- I sense some humor in these lyrics. Take it away Yim.

Map of the World
- I like the percussion that comes into play along with the guitar picking at the end.

Sandman, the Brakeman and Me - Did Tom Waits come help with this one?

His Master's Voice
- had to play this one twice, vocally impressive.


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Album Review: Phish - Joy

I've had about a month to digest this one.

Upon first listen I found it hard to get into and not want to just put on Picture of Nectar. But that's expected.

Now returning again after repeated listens, followed by a solid week or so off from Phish, I am immediately drawn in on the lead track 'Backwards Down The Number Line'. Some great guitar and keys work on this one and it keeps up right on through 'Stealing Time From Faulty Plan' which includes my favorite guitar solo of the album (2:15 - 3:35 Trey kills it). It is always an interesting thing listening to albums by bands already established and beloved. Your brain is torn between wanting the familiar and something new and it can't really have both. There is really no way to please. I had heard enough bashing of Time Turns Elastic all summer during Phish's tour and was nervous as hell when I first scored the new album. Nervous about what? nervous about being let down, nervous that I'd turn it on and they would piss in my ears. As I cautiously gave a first listen I was rescued from my discomfort by 'Ocelot.' Arguably the best track on the album, I had grown to love this jam at the Phish show I saw in August. More than catchy lyrics, the rhythm of this song is Phish. Immediately it puts you in a groove. They didn't even play this song at Alpine and it brings back memories of walking up over the hill there and reaching the steep view down on stage with thousands of people getting their noodle on. It's just one of those songs I could listen to over and over. 'Kill Devil Falls' is a great follow up and it is at this point that the album really peaks. The album of course isn't all pleasing. Can't say I care for 'Twenty Years Later' or 'Light' but overall I respect the album and who knows in time these songs could be favorites of mine. Hard to not be biased since Phish is basically the band that really took my love for music beyond Ugly Kid Joe (thank god) but I really think the album will appeal to Phans old and new.


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Chicago Live Music Radar (Fall 2009)

So looking at the calendar for the Fall it looks like a lot of good shows coming up in Chicago (particularly at the Bottom Lounge). Not including what we are already going to see, here is a list of shows I'm thinking about or suggest someone should... check it:

September21The AntlersSubterranean
September25The WeakerthansBottom Lounge
October4The FlatlandersChicago Country Fest
October4Living ColourDouble Door
October5Screaming FemalesHideout
October23Royal Bangs w/ DrummerSchubas
October26Dead ConfederatesDouble Door
October28Jenny Owen YoungsReggie's Rock Club
October30Cage The ElephantCubby Bear
November6The WhigsBottom Lounge
November13Dirty ProjectorsBottom Lounge
December1The XXBottom Lounge

any others I'm missing?


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Some jams a bit early this week. Why? b/c it's my birthday. enjoy!

Foreigner - Juke Box Hero

J-Z - Young Forever

Jim Carroll - People Who Died

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Buster Voodoo

Monsters of Folk - The Right Place

Mike Jones - Still Tippin'


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