Thursday, September 17, 2009

Album Review: Monsters Of Folk

Overall very chill album. Definitely not gonna rock out with it but who thought they would? Kind of music you should lay around and do nothing but listen closely, there are a lot of layers. If you like any or all these gents you'll be more than pleased with the album. Below you'll find my thoughts/notes as I listened to the Monsters of Folk album for the first time.

Dear God - Not gonna lie when I first heard the drum machine and the vocals I thought I had a Jamiroquai album playing on accident.

Say Please - Very, well, ... M. Ward.

Whole Lotta Losin'
- M. Ward meets... Eddie Cochran meets... Culture Club? I don't know but I like it.

- Conor Oberst takes the vocals and sets the mood. Not sure he'll ever escape sounding like he's about to cry. Although he was able to perk it up on his self titled solo album with tracks like 'I Don't Want To Die'. He's right back with his sob songs whether intentional or not with this one. Good song but I'll probably take a piss during this one if they play it at the show in October. DK and James can hold hands and sway while I pick up a couple more beers. I'm sure they'll love this one in the balcony across from us.

The Right Place
- First stand out track in my mind. Not the quickest song but the melody doesn't drag ass either. I could see this becoming a crowd favorite. Its got just the right amount of twang coming from the guitar too to make me smile.

Baby Boomer
- almost a Johnny Cash train song rhythm on this one. The call and response singing is great too. Fun to hear all these guys really show themselves in one song instead of taking turns in the spotlight. If I was on facebook I'd click 'likes this' ... is that a slide guitar in the background?

Man Named Truth
- Something about this one reminds me of the Rawhide theme. And I got my wish, a little life out of Conor Oberst. "Turn an Honest Man into DIABLO!" ... kinda makes me want to dance.

- Feel good, feel hippy fun

Ahead of the Curve
- Lyrically strong, musically average. Like the line: 'I'm not carefree, no, I'm free to care I just never do'

Slow Down Jo
- Sounds like what the Beastie Boys song, Netty's Girl, was a parody of. Good relaxing jam none the less. Now someone fan me, feed me grapes, and bring me a glass of wine.

Losin Yo Head
- Intro got my attention. Gets a little edgier at the end, could be a fun one live.

Magic Marker
- I sense some humor in these lyrics. Take it away Yim.

Map of the World
- I like the percussion that comes into play along with the guitar picking at the end.

Sandman, the Brakeman and Me - Did Tom Waits come help with this one?

His Master's Voice
- had to play this one twice, vocally impressive.


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  1. and this one too pleeeeeeeaaaase

  2. KZ, after listening to the album I think Mr. Longstreet's suggestion of Doc Holiday and gang is more than appropriate.