Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monsters Of Folk @ Auditorium Theatre 10/30/09 Chicago, IL (Setlist & Video)

Good show last night from the Monsters Of Folk in CHI. I'm looking over the setlist from Greg Kot and I'm wondering did I miss some of these? Did we really get there as late as it seems? Once again I guess 8:15 is kinda late for a Friday night arrival.

We definitely missed some good tunes, but still were able to see a lot of good music. As anticipated the MOF mixed in most of their debut album and some nuggets from both Bright Eyes and My Morning Jacket to fill out a lengthy 30+ tune show.

MMJ songs seemed to be the highlight (or is that just my own bias?). 'Smokin' From Shootin' and 'At Dawn' were both awesome. Good times all around. I gotta get my ace to one of these shows on time.

Monsters Of Folk @ Auditorium Theatre Chicago, IL

1. Say Please
2. The Right Place
3. Soul Singer in a Session Band (Bright Eyes)
4. Slow Down Jo
5. Ahead of the Curve
6. Lullaby + Exile (M. Ward)
7. We are Nowhere and It’s Now (Bright Eyes)
8. The Big Picture (Bright Eyes)
9. Golden (My Morning Jacket)
10. Baby Boomer
11. Bermuda Highway (My Morning Jacket)
12. Look at You (My Morning Jacket)
13. Man Named Truth
14. Vincent O'Brien (M Ward)
15. One Life Away (M Ward)
16. Wonderful (The Way I Feel) (Jim James with M Ward)
17. Lime Tree (Bright Eyes)
18. Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)
19. Temazcal
20. To Save Me (M Ward)
21. Goodway
22. Smoke Without Fire (Bright Eyes)
23. One Hundred Million Years (M Ward)
24. Chinese Translation (M Ward)
25. Bottom of Everything (We Must Sing) (Bright Eyes)
26. Sandman, the Brakeman, and Me
27. Map of the World
28. Smokin’ From Shootin’ (My Morning Jacket)
29. Hit the Switch (Bright Eyes)
30. Losin’ Yo Head

31. At Dawn (My Morning Jacket)
32. Whole Lotta Losin’
33. Another Travelin’ Song (Bright Eyes)
34. His Master’s Voice

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Airborne Toxic Event (w/ Red Cortez and The Henry Clay People) @ Metro, Chicago, IL 10/23/09 (Videos & Review)

We posted the setlist and a clip of The Airborne Toxic Event's encore performance of "Missy" over here. Check it if you haven't already. I promised some more clips from the show and have finally been able to get a few uploaded.

I didn't get to Metro in time to see Red Cortez (8:15 is too late on a Friday night?) and only caught the last couple tunes from The Henry Clay People. Check out their version of the T. Rex classic, "Get It On".

The Henry Clay People - "Get It On" (T. Rex cover)

I did get to secure a solid spot for Airborne Toxic Event despite the packed house for the show. Good performance. I'm always curious how a band with one album of material will fill a show and ATE did a good job of playing most of their current album, some new unreleased songs, and some fun covers (see setlist). Some covers worked better than others. I'll stick to the original on "This Magic Moment", but the cover of recently passed Jim Carroll's "People Who Died" (a past TGITh Jam) by ATE w/ members of Red Cortez and The Henry Clay People was high energy and a fitting tribute to the fallen scribe.

Check the video of that tune and a couple others below.

The Airborne Toxic Event - "Does This Mean You're Moving On?"

The Airborne Toxic Event - "Gasoline"

The Airborne Toxic Event - "People Who Died" (Jim Carroll cover w. members of Red Cortez and The Henry Clay People)

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Rocker Hottie Of The Week: Erin McCarley

This week's RHOTW, Erin McCarley, comes to us via a fan nomination by JH. McCarley, a Dallas native and current resident of Nashville, has been favorably compared to past RHsOTW Aimee Mann and Regina Spektor. More pics below.

Thanks for the submission JH.

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New Scott H. Biram Video For "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue"

Scott H. Biram who we saw back in Aug. in Brooklyn has a new video for the slow jam "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue" off his recent album, Something's Wrong/Gone Forever. Check it below.

Scott Biram- Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue from Milk Products on Vimeo.

Why is it that I wanted to keep singing this tune at the Wilco show? Anyway...good tune. Get some Scott H. Biram in your life.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Monsters of Folk preview...Videos and Setlist from Oakland, CA 10/17

Getting geeked for Monsters of Folk this Friday @ the Auditorium. I've done some digging around on the band's forum and came across some videos from the Oct 17th Oakland show along with a setlist. Check em out below...

Slow Down Jo...

Smokin' From Shootin'...

At The Bottom Of Everything...

At Dawn...

Say Please
The Right Place
Vincent O'Brien
Paul's Song
Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)
Outta My Head
Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
Bermuda Highway
Look At You
Lime Tree
Man Named Truth
Whole Lotta Losin'
The Big Picture
We Are Nowhere
It's Now
Smoke Without Fire
Soul Singer In a Session Band
Baby Boomer
Slow Down Jo
Poison Cup
Sad Sad Song
Sandman, The Brakeman And Me
At The Bottom of Everything
Smokin' From Shootin'
Hit the Switch
Losin Yo Head


Map Of The world
At Dawn
To Save Me
Another Travelin' Song
His Master's Voice

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Los Lonely Boys @ Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago 10/23 (Setlist)

Los Lonely Boys came through Chicago last Friday to play 2 all acoustic performances (7pm and 10pm). I got to check out the 7pm set with Gus T. Wilson from the balcony. Fun show for sure. Aside from being talented musicians these boys have a great sense of humor. Whether razzing each other a bit, or intentionally speaking while the other was trying too, they kept things light. Their relaxed attitude must have made the crowd feel comfortable as it looked like much of the people sitting at tables down front were not embarrassed to stand up and groove. Music was good too, Evil Ways probably being my favorite song performed but it was all solid.

read more and view setlist below...

The highlight of the show was no doubt when all three brothers joined together to play one guitar at the same time. Jojo jumping on higher up on the neck of Henry's guitar while Ringo came around to add a little rhythm on the body of the guitar. Pretty sure Gus has a pic of the whole thing somewhere in his fancy iPhone. A little more low key than Jim's night out at Airborne Toxic Event but fun all the same.

It was also nice to see Hacienda open up. Last time we saw these boys they were opening up for Dan Auerbach @ the Metro. Their laid back nature and casual approach to their set made it feel like we were in their living room as they rehearsed.

Los Lonely Boys - Chicago - 10/23/09 - Setlist (7pm show)

Evil Ways
Staying with me
Loving you Always
Love Dont Care about me
She came in through the bathroom window
Friday Nite
Man 2 Beat
More than love
Nobody else
I'm a Man

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Airborne Toxic Event @ Metro 10/23/09 Chicago, IL (Setlist)

Airborne Toxic Event - "Missy"

Good show last night from Airborne Toxic Event @ Metro in Chicago. Many more videos to come. In the meantime here's the setlist from the last night.

Airborne Toxic Event @ Metro 10/23/09 Chicago, IL

Does This Mean You're Moving On?
Something New
This Magic Moment (The Drifters cover)
Sugarcube (Yo La Tengo Cover)
This Losing
A Letter To Georgia
Wishing Well
I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Sometime Around Midnight
New Tune (I like everyone/thing?)

Happiness Is Overrated
People Who Died (Jim Carroll cover)

Anybody else catch the show? Thoughts? More videos coming soon...

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh what once was...

Just found this gem earlier today...

Guns N' Roses first ever appearance on MTV

enjoy your Thursday


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rodrigo y Gabriela @ the Riviera, Chicago, IL 10/16/09 (Buster Voodoo Video)

Even after going to Wilco I still can't stop thinking about this show. Here is Rod y Gab hammering out their tribute to Jimi Hendrix...Buster Voodoo

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Buster Voodoo from Jim Longstreet on Vimeo.


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Wilco @ UIC Pavillion 10/19/09 (Videos and Review)

Wilco - Hummingbird from Jim Longstreet on Vimeo.

After some technical issues at HGH HQ videos from the 10/19/09 Wilco show are starting to be uploaded, processed, etc. A good one of "Hummingbird" above as the last song prior to the 10 song encore the band would go on to play (See setlist HERE).

Solid show to close out the North American leg of Wilco's tour. They seemed to ease into things, picking up the pace as they went deeper into the night (they played for almost 3 hours). The stage banter from Tweedy seemed loose and fun. I wish I had some video of the crowd's 'Queen Clap', but alas the hands were otherwise occupied.

I'm interested to hear what others thought of the show compared to the night before or others they saw on this tour. I've been trying to compare it to the Brooklyn show I saw earlier in the summer...kinda similar setlist...same Hummingbird microphone toss, no special guests this time, different vibe... overall, good show.

More videos from the night BELOW.

Wilco - "I'll Fight"

Wilco - "Country Disappeared"

Wilco - "Heavy Metal Drummer"

Wilco - "Spiders (Kidsmoke)"

Wilco - "Casino Queen"

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Rocker Hottie Of The Week: Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit

This week's Rocker Hottie of the Week coms to us from across the pond... I give you Ms. Leila Moss, lead vocalist of The Duke Spirit.

The group just wrapped up their most recent U.S. Tour in continued support of their 2008 release, Neptune. Early word is that there should be some new material to be released next spring.

Til then check a few more pics of the lovely Ms. Moss under the fold and hear her husky voice on a few Duke Spirit tracks.

The Duke Spirit - Lassoo

The Duke Spirit - Into The Fold

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