Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monsters Of Folk @ Auditorium Theatre 10/30/09 Chicago, IL (Setlist & Video)

Good show last night from the Monsters Of Folk in CHI. I'm looking over the setlist from Greg Kot and I'm wondering did I miss some of these? Did we really get there as late as it seems? Once again I guess 8:15 is kinda late for a Friday night arrival.

We definitely missed some good tunes, but still were able to see a lot of good music. As anticipated the MOF mixed in most of their debut album and some nuggets from both Bright Eyes and My Morning Jacket to fill out a lengthy 30+ tune show.

MMJ songs seemed to be the highlight (or is that just my own bias?). 'Smokin' From Shootin' and 'At Dawn' were both awesome. Good times all around. I gotta get my ace to one of these shows on time.

Monsters Of Folk @ Auditorium Theatre Chicago, IL

1. Say Please
2. The Right Place
3. Soul Singer in a Session Band (Bright Eyes)
4. Slow Down Jo
5. Ahead of the Curve
6. Lullaby + Exile (M. Ward)
7. We are Nowhere and It’s Now (Bright Eyes)
8. The Big Picture (Bright Eyes)
9. Golden (My Morning Jacket)
10. Baby Boomer
11. Bermuda Highway (My Morning Jacket)
12. Look at You (My Morning Jacket)
13. Man Named Truth
14. Vincent O'Brien (M Ward)
15. One Life Away (M Ward)
16. Wonderful (The Way I Feel) (Jim James with M Ward)
17. Lime Tree (Bright Eyes)
18. Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)
19. Temazcal
20. To Save Me (M Ward)
21. Goodway
22. Smoke Without Fire (Bright Eyes)
23. One Hundred Million Years (M Ward)
24. Chinese Translation (M Ward)
25. Bottom of Everything (We Must Sing) (Bright Eyes)
26. Sandman, the Brakeman, and Me
27. Map of the World
28. Smokin’ From Shootin’ (My Morning Jacket)
29. Hit the Switch (Bright Eyes)
30. Losin’ Yo Head

31. At Dawn (My Morning Jacket)
32. Whole Lotta Losin’
33. Another Travelin’ Song (Bright Eyes)
34. His Master’s Voice

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  1. These guys played a great show...however the crowd bored me. Its Halloween weekend, get involved. Don't sit in your seat and nod your head...its Friday night and you're at a ROCK CONCERT.

    and this starting on time thing is killing me.

  2. Incredible show. Thanks for video.