Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wilco @ UIC Pavillion 10/19/09 (Videos and Review)

Wilco - Hummingbird from Jim Longstreet on Vimeo.

After some technical issues at HGH HQ videos from the 10/19/09 Wilco show are starting to be uploaded, processed, etc. A good one of "Hummingbird" above as the last song prior to the 10 song encore the band would go on to play (See setlist HERE).

Solid show to close out the North American leg of Wilco's tour. They seemed to ease into things, picking up the pace as they went deeper into the night (they played for almost 3 hours). The stage banter from Tweedy seemed loose and fun. I wish I had some video of the crowd's 'Queen Clap', but alas the hands were otherwise occupied.

I'm interested to hear what others thought of the show compared to the night before or others they saw on this tour. I've been trying to compare it to the Brooklyn show I saw earlier in the summer...kinda similar setlist...same Hummingbird microphone toss, no special guests this time, different vibe... overall, good show.

More videos from the night BELOW.

Wilco - "I'll Fight"

Wilco - "Country Disappeared"

Wilco - "Heavy Metal Drummer"

Wilco - "Spiders (Kidsmoke)"

Wilco - "Casino Queen"

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  1. good stuff, rakin leaves, rock concert, rakin leaves...

    even captured a few patented woo woo woo woo woos

  2. They opened Kidsmoke with a Gong, awesome. Nels is the man too. As i think back the show was great. I loved the old tracks off A.M. as well.