Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video Fun: The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Eye Of The Tiger"...also playing this Sat. 9/26 at Schuba's

This is a kinda old video from The Rural Alberta Advantage's performance from 5/29/09 at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Been meaning to post it. Never did, but with The RAA coming into Chicago this weekend to play at Schuba's (Sat. 9/26), I figured it was fitting. It was a fun and unexpected cover. I dunno that I'd heard an acoustic version of "Eye Of The Tiger" before this, but I love me some Rocky IV so I like. Enjoy and go check these guys out this weekend. They didn't make Riley's Chicago Concert Radar but they probably should have.

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  1. OMG...who is that loud girl screaming in the background? I mean seriously...didn't she realize you were trying to film a video?

  2. I can't take issue with a gal's excitement at hearing a Survivor cover. A couple woo-woo's are sometimes called for.