Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Rural Alberta Advantage @ The Bell House, Brooklyn 5/29/09

Kz and I made the short walk over to The Bell House last night to see The Rural Alberta Advantage perform. We got there early and got to hear the Black Hollies, The Chris Mills Band, and La Strada. Very cool space at the Bell House...big wooden beams and a huge sign with a bison on it over the stage. It was a fun night with lots of music.
Black Hollies came out with 40 minutes of a straight thru-no breaks barrage of sound as The Bell House filled in. After them Chris Mills & Co. slowed it down with a little more country sounding jam along sound. La Strada brought out the whole gang; with a couple guitars, violins, accordion, and cello. Pretty cool sound. They put on a lively show.
La Strada (above)
The RAA (below)
Finally at about midnight The RAA came onstage and gave us a number of tracks of their Hometowns album. Good stuff from these western canadians. They played a fun acoustic encore of Survivors' "Eye of The Tiger". Have a listen to a couple live tracks from The RAA's recent stop in Chicago at HearYa's Shirk Studios.

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Edmonton

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