Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beck - One Foot In The Grave

So our boy Beck re-released his 1994 album (actually recorded in '93) 'One Foot In The Grave' about a month ago. I haven't made a purchase but I did search out some of the tracks and find myself in a serious Beck fix for the past couple days.

I'm mostly curious to hear all the bonus tracks yet to be heard by anyone. The original release never experienced great praise and has been out of print since 2005 but Beck has apparently put some serious time in this reissue. Check out the track listing. I've always dug Beck's funky approach to music and am excited to hear if the evolved Beck reworked any of classic Beck's jams. I'm hoping for another tour of course too. Last year with MGMT he absolutely crushed the Aragon (too bad I missed MGMT though). We had a blast either way, great party good tunes.

click the image at the top of the post to get your copy.

Beck's website

Trip Wire report

track listing and sample tracks:

One Foot In The Grave rerelease

01. He’s A Mighty Good Leader
02. Sleeping Bag
03. I Get Lonesome
04. Burnt Orange Peel
05. Cyanide Breath Mint
06. See Water
07. Ziplock Bag
08. Hollow Log
09. Forcefield
10. Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods
11. Asshole
12. I’ve Seen The Land Beyond
13. Outcome
14. Girl Dreams
15. Painted Eyelids
16. Atmospheric Conditions

Bonus tracks
01. It’s All In Your Mind (K Records seven-inch)
02. Whiskey Can Can (K Records seven-inch)
03. Mattress
04. Woe On Me
05. Teenage Wastebasket
06. Your Love Is Weird
07. Favourite Nerve
08. Piss On The Door
09. Close To God
10. Sweet Satan
11. Burning Boyfriend
12. Black Lake Morning
13. Feather In Your Cap (K Records seven-inch)
14. One Foot In The Grave
15. Teenage Wastebasket
16. I Get Lonesome

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  1. i've had this album since Odelay dropped and i def bumped in on my mini-disc player for a couple months straight. Forcefield and Asshole are my joints. And i just found out a dude i work with grew up in Seattle with the fool on the left side of the album cover. Factoid.