Monday, May 18, 2009

New Sounds: The Valley Arena to release "We Died" May 21 on Jaxart Records

We like new tunes, but we especially like new tunes from a band that includes a member with the surname, Nielsen.

The Valley Arena was formed by Mike Nielsen, Chris Stevens and Warren Woodward in late 2003. Early on, the band took influence from both the DC Dischord scene (Fugazi, Q and Not U) and San Diego (Hot Snakes, No Knife).

"We Died" The Valley Arena's third full length album will be released by Jaxart Records on Thursday May 21st, 2009 as a 7 Inch Vinyl EP + Digital LP Download and includes an exclusive B. Side remix of "SOS4XOX" by Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta and Free Moral Agents.

Listen Up.

The Valley Arena - The Dig
The Valley Arena - Grayscale

Tour Dates after the fold...

The Valley Arena will be touring California this May..

5/14/09 Costa Mesa, CA- eVocal (All Ages)-w/ Gestapo Khazi and Goldiggers (members of Le Shok)

5/19/09 Fresno, CA- The Starline

5/20/09 Ventura, CA-Club ADD @ Nicholbys

5/21/09 Long Beach, CA- Alex’s Bar-Record Release Show-w/ UV Lights and Fastdragon

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