Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brooklyn Folk Festival May 15-17 @ Jalopy Theatre (lineup, details...)

It started yesterday, but this weekend, May 15-17, the Jalopy Theatre in Red Hook hosts the Brooklyn Folk Festival. This festival is brought to you by Down Home Radio, and will be MCed by Down Home Radio host Eli Smith. This festival will feature the best in old-time music, blues, pre-blues, jug band music, New Orleans jazz, folk style songwriting, African folk music and Mexican folk music and dance. Come down and check it out, it’s gonna be fun! Full lineup below with more info at the Jalopy site and that of Down Home Radio. I’m gonna try to get down there tomorrow. Hope some of you can make it…

Tickets are $10/day and include the workshops offered in the afternoon. Daily jam sessions also promised at the next door watering hole, Moonshine (bucket of 4 PBR’s $5)
At Jalopy:
7:30 Willy Gantrim (Originals, Slide Guitar Blues, Country and Folk songs)
8:00 Whistling Wolves (World Champion Whistling + Amazing Harmonica & More!)
8:45 Sana Ndiaye & the Ekonting Peace Band (West African Traditional Music from the Gambia River Delta Region)
9:30 Pat Conte (Blues and Old Time on Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Zither & More!)
10:05 Alex Battles w/ Banjorama (Jugbandy, Blues Original Songs)
10:45 Elizabeth Butters (Ballads & Folk Songs on with Guitar & Dulcimer)
11:20 The Dust Busters (Old Time String Band, Jug Band Music, Ballads, Originals, - Fiddle, Guitar, Banjo, etc.)
12:05 Feral Foster (Blues, Folk & Original Songs)
12:40 John Houx (Folk and Original Songs)
Jam Session at Moonshine 2-6:30pm
Saturday Workshops:
5:00pm Music of the Ekonting - workshop with Sana Ndiaye (West African banjo predecessor instrument styles)
At Jalopy:
6:30 Ernie Vega (Blues, Folk & Original Songs)
7:00 Mamie Minch (Blues, Folk & Original Songs)
7:35 Bob Malenky (Country Blues Guitar Master)
8:10 John Cohen & Annabel Lee (Old-Time Duets on Banjo & Guitar)
9:00 Semilla (Son Jarocho, Folk Music and Dance from Mexico)
10:00 Strung Out String Band (Old-Time String Band)
10:45 Danny Kalb (Blues Guitarist)
Jam Session at Moonshine 2-6pm
Sunday Workshops:
4:00pm Bob Malenky – Blues guitar workshop
5:00pm John Cohen - Old-time banjo styles & tunings workshop

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