Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs w/ Grand Ole Party @ The Aragon Ballroom (Set List + Pics)

Grand Ole Party (from San Diego) is really what sold me on this concert. I started listening to them a little over a year ago and instantly fell in love with Kristin Gundred's voice. I bought their album the day I heard 'Young Son' on I came close to seeing them at bonnaroo last yeaer but unfortunately they were a casualty of Jim's flight being delayed and me and DK waiting outside the fest with the tickets. Anyway It was great to finally catch em live. Not many band's front man is a drummer.

Ms. Gundred stood proud front and center at her drum-kit and wailed away. And even kept her composure through some technical difficulties in the first song. They seemed to have played all new stuff which was fun to hear and solidified them as more than just a group with a few hits from a few years ago. Looks like they're progressing well and I hope next time they come through Chicago they will be headlining. They have new album due out next September.

As for the headliner, well Karen O didn't disappoint. The Yeah Yeah Yeah's really know how to put on a performance. Whether its spitting water into the crowd, blasting 'Y' shaped confetti in the air, energetic stage moves, flexible poses, they make it fun to watch and engage with the audience. The music is as good as the theatrics. I was really impressed. Yeah Yeah Yeah's are a must see live show, the recorded albums just don't do 'em justice. I was a casual listener before and I think now I'm hooked. Below you'll find the setlist I was able to gather... Check out more pics as well and I'll work on uploading the video I got later on.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Aragon Ballroom Set List 5/26/09

Black Tongue
Human Fly
Dull Life
Gold Lion
Cheated Heart's
Soft Shock
Honey Bear
Maps (acoustic)
Y Control


Heads Will Roll
Art Star
Date With a Night

Read Chicago Sun Times Review HERE


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  1. great recap. killer pics!!!! and yes karen o is my girl too!

  2. Art Star was in there somewhere too.

  3. good call, don't know how I missed that one. Karen O was basically deep-throating the mic while she screamed that one out. Easily Rocker Hottie Stage Move of THE YEAR!

  4. ...looking fwd to APW. Nice pics Riley.