Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phish @ Hampton Coliseum

There was a time a few years ago when many thought this day would never come. This weekend as many already know Phish is reuniting and putting on a 3 night show @ Hampton Coliseum. As a gift to all the fans out there who won't be able to attend (HGH included) Live Phish is offering free MP3 downloads of the shows this weekend. They wil be available for download 24 hours after each show. Pretty generous...but for those who think FREE is crap, you can also pre-order purchase FLAC files and CD's. I can't wait to hear about this show and get my downloads. Wish I could say someone from HGH was going but we'll make up for it when we all unite to see them in June @ Alpine Valley. will also be updating setlists and pictures from the road/shows in real time as the shows progress. thats pretty intensive. I feel sorry for whatever sap thought he had a sweet gig working for Phish and then realized he'd have to miss out on going nuts at the show so he can type in track titles and upload photos. I'll be having a beer for that dude.


  1. typing in track titles and uploading photos? Isn't that what we do too?

  2. Yes it is, but we don't do it live.