Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bloc Party @ Terminal 5 3/25/09

Bloc Party 005
I'll be the first to admit I'm not a huge Bloc Party fan or even much of a fan at all, but when I got the invite to go to the show tonight I figured it'd be worth checking out. I had received Bloc Party's most recent release, Intimacy last fall. I had to get it off my ipod (maybe prematurely) after running into that "Mercury in Retrograde" song one too many times on shuffle. So I have to say I never gave the album a fair listen. I might have to go back to that one. These guys played an energetic show to an all ages crowd tonight at Terminal 5 and while I wondered at points if I'd ever been encouraged more often to clap at a show, overall I had a good time. Bloc Party can get it going at times. I definitely preferred their up tempo tunes, particularly those with lead singer Kele Okereke keeping a guitar in his hands. I can appreciate his enthusiasm for the performance but at times the stage banter seemed to be a bit much. I'll give him credit for the crowd surfing he did and as I said it was a fun show overall. I'll have to dig back into Bloc Party's Intimacy and give these guys another look. Anybody else go to the show? Seen these guys live? Or have an opinion on their work? I'd be interested to hear other opinions.
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  1. i was there...and thought all the same as the a huge fan of silent alarm, but am a little less enthusiastic about the latter two albums...

    the show was fantastic...they put on a great performance, and played a really good variety of material...even songs i can't stand (like mercury) actually sounded great, and the energy of the crowd was fantastic (obviously Kele helped with that, as he kept egging everyone on to push things)...

    these guys really impressed me...i was kind of so-so going in, but the whole time going home i was just like 'holy shit'...can't wait to see them again...and just for the record, im a pretty tough critic...not easily impressed the way i was last night...

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'll have to check out Silent Alarm. It is kind of funny that the one song I recognized ("Mercury") was the one that led to me clearing Bloc Party from my playlist, but I will admit I enjoyed its live performance. Glad you had fun. It was a solid show.

  3. Went to the show in Chicago. We had fun...danced and drank alot :) The boys talked a little too much for my liking. Although, they did have a funny story regarding their last show. As usual, the band thanked the crowd for being so supportive. They continued to add that they had recently played in Miami and that they had never seen so many D-bags in one room. Chicago loved that one.