Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kings Of Leon @ National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, UK 12/10/08

Came across some solid Kings of Leon live tracks over @ Anyone's Guess. The live KOL tracks were from Anyone's Guess' 'Sunday Night Live' column about 2 months ago. They're new to me, here they are, give em a listen, and when you are through head over to Anyone's Guess and peruse the rest of their Sunday Night Live postings. Some great stuff.
Joe's Head
Sex On Fire
I Want You
Use Somebody
I sure am glad I had the chance to see Kings of Leon back in October @ the Aragon, back before their tickets were impossible to score.


  1. Nice score. That Aragon show was great, I coulnt afford it and then ended up getting free tickets 4 hours before the show.

    I posted the B-Sides a while back (pre-Only By The Night) and I have a few other soundboard bootlegs if youre interested.

    Take care guys, I've really been enjoying this place.

  2. I missed that show and was definitely upset that I did. Kings of Leon will be headlining Lolla 09. I will not make the same mistake twice.

  3. Jason, downloading the KoL B-Sides you linked to now. I have been known to get a little deep into the whiskey and rage from time to time. I'll have this disc ready to go for next time. Thanks for the share.
    Nothing quite as sweet as the last minute free ticket too. That's awesome. My KoL story wasn't as good, but i thought I was gonna get locked out of their MSG show in Jan. but at the last minute (day before) a friend came thru w/ 3 tickets. Had to pay face, but it was well worth it.

    KZ, I might have to make my first foray into the Lolla mix this summer...Beastie Boys back at it???