Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Listens: Keller And The Keels

Getting back into the spirit of the Phish reunion last night I was listening to some old nugs.net podcasts when I stumbled on a few tracks by Keller Williams and The Keels. They feature some pretty impressive picking but also they do some interesting mash-ups of sorts. The tune that initially caught my ear was one that combined Beck's 'Loser' with Jerry Garcia's tune of the same name. Both good tunes originally. Have a listen to Keller and The Keels take on it.
Keller & The Keels - Loser
The other that I enjoyed was of Tom Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance" and "Breakdown". Also both good tunes in their own right. Why not combine 'em, right? See what you think.
Keller & The Keels - Mary Jane's Last Breakdown
Both tracks are taken from Keller William's performance at Rams Head Live 2/3/07.

Get the entire Keller and The Keels album Grass.

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