Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Saw Doctors @ the Vic 3/7/09 (Set List)

Got out there and celebrated St. Patty's day a lil' early, and at the last minute I decided to go to the Saw Doctors show @ the Vic. I went last year under almost identical circumstances and had a blast. Shows like these aren't so much about the music as they are about just having a good time. Singing and dancing and drinking, making friends with whoever is around. Who doesn't like to drink and sing about Ireland. I've heard these guys compared to Bruce Springsteen and I'd have to agree with that. Not so much on the basis of their sound but on their subject matter. Ballads about home, about the past, about teenage love, awkwardness, about sports, getting drunk, making mistakes, but having a goodtime, and every tune is a sing-a-long.

It can't all be progressive, some of it has to be just for fun, and the Saw Doctors have that figured out. They really are just having good honest fun, at one point just for kicks all the band members swapped instruments. Guitarists and singers, all the front men, moved to the back and hopped on the drums and keyboard while the keyboardists and drummer ran up front and took over the guitars and vocals. As an audience member you feel like the concert is a large party of friends and relatives coming together to shake off their troubles and worries. Its a sense of community usually reserved to long days at festivals like Bonnaroo, where sleep deprivation, heat exhaustion, dehydration, starvation, expensive beer, and good music bring everyone together.

They played all the hits, I especially liked Tommy K, and ofcourse N17. No pictures this time around...sorry.
The Saw Doctors

Oh God
Macnas Parade
Goodbye Again
Tommy K
Nevermind the Strangers
Carry Me Away
Mercy Gates
Some One Loves
Green and Red
Gallway and Mayo
Echilerating Sadness
It Won't Be Twilight
Clare Island
On My Way
Why Am I Always Want You
Bless Me Father
Thats What She Said
:::Encore Break:::
Red cortina
Joyce Country Ceili Band
I Useta Lover
What a Day
Hay Wrap

A bluegrass band, Bearfoot, had the stage before the Saw Doctors. They opened for the Saw Doctors last year even and I was stoked when I saw they would be opening again. Im a sucker for all that picking, and a couple cute girls on the fiddle and bass never hurts. I bought their cd last year and it is well worth checking out.

Bearfoot Bluegrass

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  1. Seen them 3 times at the Barrowlands in Glasgow. Class!!