Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beastie Boys To Reissue 1992's 'Check Your Head'

Is your name Michael Diamond? Naw. Mine's Clarence.

When I was in junior high all I really wanted was to be was a Beastie Boy. Nothing wrong with wanting to be a white jewish rapper from Brooklyn (MCA was always my favorite) right? All of a sudden this year the "Three MC's and One DJ" are back in the news. They already did the reissue of 1989's sample-heavy classic 'Paul's Boutique', they're set to headline at Bonnaroo, are rumored to be on the bill for Lollapalooza, and are reported to be releasing a new album this year.
In keeping up with what is becoming a busy year for the Beastie Boys they will be reissuing 1992's 'Check Your Head' in digital form March 30th with the hard copy coming out April 7th. The reissue will feature bonus tracks along with other Beastie bells and whistles.
Take a trip down memory lane and go catch the Beasties' performance on Arsenio Hall (woop, woop) with DJ Hurricane and B Real from Cypress Hill.

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