Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boring Tuesday, Exciting Weekend Approaching

Watching the Blackhawks get worked by Tampa I put the game on mute and tuned in to some music. I began reading through Ear Farm's Band Of The Week column. I Casually clicked around and gave a few new groups a listen (Sam Champion, Heartless Bastards, Jenny Dalton)
some decent stuff, not in love with anything yet but I was starting to dig the Heartless Bastards. I then recieved an email from the Bowery Ballroom. Two things perked me up and saved me from nodding off and disapearing into the couch cushion.

1st I saw the band X will be performing 3 nights this May. The week of our very own Jim Longstreet's B-Day. X has a great sound and I suggest anyone in New York come end of May check them out, especial Gen. Longstreet. Time to look when these fellers are coming to Chicago right?

2nd thing was Reckless Kelly is performing this weekend in New York. I started listening to these gents about a year ago after a buddy at work turned me on to em. I remember liking them but never really dove into their whole body of work. I also love their album art.

Well I just gave them a revisit and I suggest you all do the same. I hate to make comparisons but I guess you could say they're from the Steve Earle, Guy Clark vein. In fact they have recorded with Steve Earle. Give it a listen. TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE.

New York you're getting some good shows. Mystery Jets Feb. 24th would be fun too, hopefully Laura Marling shows up with em.

I can't complain though, Blitzen Trapper Thursday and Gipsy Kings Saturday. WOO!

As I wrote this the Blackhawks tied the game, took the lead, and got an insurance goal, thats Doin' work.