Monday, February 16, 2009

Flogging Molly @ Hammerstein Ballroom 2/15/09

I gotta thank my boy Sandy for hooking up the tickets to this show at the last minute. He delivered the package and we got hooked up with some sick seats in the 1st level box to the left of the stage. $100 seats. Comped. That was only the start of what would be a sick night...

I'll admit I got owned by the subway today and joined Sandis a little late for the pre-gaming, but after he put in 2+ hours at the Penn Station Houlihan's waiting for me we got involved a bit at Twins (I think) on 9th Ave and 34th before we headed to the show. At 8:30 we still had to wait to get inside, but were quickly led to some of the best seats I've had for a show like this (or any show for that matter). My ticket literally read, "Box 1, Row 1 Seat 1". We were set up at eye level with the band, above the melee of the GA crowd and about 50 feet from the stage.
We were thrilled to find out that we also had waitress service, but not so thrilled that they A) didn't take credit cards B) the in-house ATM had no cash C) wouldn't let me run to the bank across the street. So, our partying was limited, but that didn't take away from us enjoying the hell out of this show.
I'd almost forgotten how good a show Flogging Molly puts on since I saw them a few years ago back in Chicago. They brought it tonight. It was a great show. Enjoy the vids and pics below. I'm spent.

Selfish Man

The Kilburn High Road

Setlist (not in any order and not complete. Just what I remember. They played many more)

Selfish Man
You Won’t Make a Fool Out Of Me
Lightning Storm
Drunken Lullabies
The Likes Of You Again
Black Friday Rule
Seven Deadly Sins
Whistles The Wind
Tobacco Island
What’s Left Of The Flag
If I Ever Leave This World Alive
The Kilburn High Road
Rebels Of The Sacred Heart

As a final subnote: another thanks goes out to Dorothy for turning me on to this band. It was quite a weekend for her recommendations.

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