Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Morning Jacket 12/31/08 @ MSG

My Morning Jacket at Madison Square Garden for New Year's Eve. We had this one booked and circled on the calendar since last summer. Our anticipation and excitement was rewarded with an awesome performance by the gang from Louisville.

MMJ - One Big Holiday 12/31/08
(you may need to login to google to hear stream this. We're still learning. feedback welcome.)

"Have a lot of fun, make a lot of love, spread a lot of joy. It's 2009!"

We had fun with the 'black tie' theme the band recommended for the occasion (although we were out shopping the day before the show). I can honestly say that I've never had more fun in formal wear and as the band played for 3+ hours I felt like I got my money's worth ($5.50 @ Salvation Army)out of my double breasted white sport coat.

It was a great night and one I have trouble putting into words so I've attached a few link to let others enjoy the night.
Click to see the Setlist.

Click to download the whole show.


  1. Guys, looking sharp on new year's. The site is great, keeps those people who haven't been to a concert in years (me) in touch. I feel like I'm livin' the adventure with you! Rock on brothers, Ali

  2. Who brought the guy from Iron Man?

  3. Ali, thanks for checking us out. You ever catch anything in Italy we should be watching out for over here? In the meantime you're welcome to live through the posts here. Best, EN

  4. RTGD, watch out for me in Iron Man 2!