Monday, February 2, 2009

Bonnaroo 2006 - Getting There

Wild Bill and I got a late start on our travels to Manchester, TN in 2006. This would prove to be not the only rookie mistake we would make on our first trip to Bonnaroo.

Due to some work related issues (namely my having to work until 10 PM the Thursday before B-Roo) we hit the road late. We pulled out of Chicago a little before 11 PM Thursday night determined to be ready for Shooter Jennings come early afternoon Friday. That meant we had some serious driving to do. With the Saturn in high gear we cruised through Indiana and into Kentucky in the early hours of Friday morning. With the sun coming up over the hills near Mammoth Cave we decided to try to get a little shut-eye at a rest stop before the sun came all the way up and it'd be too hot to sleep. (See above photo) We slept for maybe 2 hours before the heat was too much.

Aside from getting a late start we also still needed to get some last minute, but vital supplies (namely tobacco and alcohol). We pulled into some shady little spot in TN and got what we thought would get us started.

Excitement running high, our late arrival did allow us to avoid much of the traffic into the parking lot. However, at the initial checkpoint when we pulled in we ran made our next rookie mistake. When entering the lot the parking attendants give a rough search of the cars. We knew (or thought) we didn't have anything illegal in the
car. They asked us if we had any bottles in our cooler. To which we casually answered, Yeah. The guy gave us a confused look and informed us that glass bottles were not allowed. We honestly had no idea. All our beer was bottled. The guy asked to see our cooler. When he saw that all we had was bottles (and domestics at that) he chuckled and said, "It's only Miller Lite. Go ahead." Disaster averted. We were there.

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