Monday, February 16, 2009

Delta Spirit @ the Double Door 2/14/09

Big weekend for the HGH crew. Here in Chicago we checked out Delta Spirit @ the Double Door. A folky rock band from sunny California. They're a little bit newer on the HGH radar but I know I'm already a big fan.

The night began at a hip pizza joint Crust, fancy pizzas and Robert The Bruce Beers...wish it was Edward the Longshanks but either way we got a kick out of the reference and the fact the beers came from Munster, IN.

Following food we checked out a favorite hang out for us heroes, J&M, a place that always entertains with its choice jukebox and cheap beer...good place to let loose. Arrived at the Double Door, purchased a couple 2 buck Nati Lights, and snaked our way up through the thick of the crowd into the 4th row...we like to be close but we also didnt want to be the "guys in the front row."

Delta Spirit really has fun and performs, a lot of emotion and energy, always a toss up going to see a new band, I knew they had good jams but theres always the risk they just lack the passion necesarry to keep a crowd interested throughout the set. Overall a well paced show, fast, slow, fast, slow, never found myself bored. Met some cute teachers standing near us, that was going well until I clowned em for drinking fancy stella artois, lets just say they werent amused, a little too upity. Typical no fun teacher that cant take a joke and takes away my recess.

They played a great show, DK will follow up with pictures and hopefully a few more details. Definitely check these guys out though, this was only the 2nd show on their tour, I think its St. Louis next, but look into it and get involved if they're coming to a city near you.

Delta Spirit

Trash Can
Strange Vine

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