Sunday, February 22, 2009

Delta Spirit @ Bowery Ballroom 2/21/09 (setlist & pictures)

I just got home from this show and I'm still pretty geeked over the whole thing. Big E and I rushed over from Williamsburg to get to the show thinking we were running late after a few beers with friends. About 10 minutes after we arrived opening act Dawes took the stage. I had nothing on these guys. They were solid. I would definitely check them again. I meant to pick up their CD, but by the time I made it back downstairs the swag table was closed up. They treated us to a good set and were followed by The Other Lives. These guys were also pretty good. They apparently have a song that has been included on the Gray's Anatomy soundtrack. I'm not sure what song it is, but I know they played it. That was when all the ladies were singing along all of a sudden. It should also be noted that Other Lives lead singer, Jesse Tabish, looks a lot like the lead singer from The Spin Doctors. Their music was a little darker; almost haunting than the Dawes set and the Delta Spirit that would follow, but they had a cello player which was different...and she was wearing antlers which is even better, so I'll have to give these guys another listen.
After all that I think everybody was ready for the main event. The guys did not disappoint. (Setlist, pictures, etc. below)

Delta Spirit dove right in with Strange Vine and People C'mon. Lead singer Matt Vasquez put on a great show, sung with heart, and even dove into the crowd at one point. You got the sense that they were sincerely grateful for the crowd's enthusiasm throughout the show. The band sprinkled in a few new tunes with numbers from Ode To Sunshine. The rough setlist was as follows:

Strange Vine
People C'mon
House Built For Two
St. Francis
Bushwick Blues
Ode To Sunshine
People Turn Around
Bleeding Bells
Crippler King

The show was great. All three bands delivered strong performances with Delta Spirit carrying the day. I hope the pictures do the night justice.


The Other Lives

Jesse Tabish of The Other Lives

Delta Spirit

E insisted this was the drummer from Dawes. I was confident it wasn't. She bet me $1000.

THIS is the drummer from Dawes. I never got my $1000 and E tried to barter sexual favors for the balance. I told her, cash is king, and that I was not interested in trade.

With Delta Spirit lead singer Matthew Vasquez. E told him he looked like a gremlin in this. He responded that he was in fact a gremlin. In our brief conversation he reiterated the sense of gratitude he had for the crowd and fans that had come out. Go check these guys out when they come to your town. You won't be disappointed.

Find some better pics and read the Minneapolis show review at Decider Twin Cities.

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  1. This is a great trip down memory lane! My (now) wife and I were at this show when we were dating. We made the trek up from Philly for it and it is still one of my all-time favorite shows. We caught the Dawes set as the opener to the opener (ha!) and immediately thought they were special. Met Taylor afterward and bought their album from the bass player. Delta Spirit was unbelievable that night!