Friday, February 13, 2009

A My Morning Jacket Valentine's Day

We could've given you the usual Valentine's Day list but decided to put a little twist on the the whole thing by compiling our favorite 'puppy dogs and ice cream songs' as performed by My Morning Jacket. Hope you like. Be sure to listen to the alt. lyrics on "Wonderful Tonight" and a fun version of "Blue Moon". Good stuff. Happy listening and Happy Valentine's Day.

A My Morning Jacket Valentines Day


  1. is JJ talking about putting on women's clothing and asking his lady how wonderful HE looks tonight?

  2. "I put on your makeup and I put on your bra...I slip on your panties and I slide on your tights...and I say WHOO...don't I look wonderful tonight"

    I like the line, "your beautiful car keys..."

    You can tell they had some fun with it.