Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Morning Jacket 12/27 @ Chicago Theater

We'll start from the beginning in Chicago.
12/27 - Had balcony tickets and a solid crew of I think 8. Myself, E, CLO, and K Trash along with some friends and their friends rounded out the group. Went nuts at this one. After being with the family the past week and even going to church it was time to let loose.

Got aggressive with the pre-game and a little ahead of ourselves, we watched the Okonokos DVD and got a little weird. Unseasonably warm night in Chicago, a damp mid 40s, for last week in December this was like summer time, and we behaved accordingly. Would have liked to say I remembered to pace myself because I have a big week ahead of me.

2 beers each and too our seats we go. Balcony crowd is always a little bit different from those down on the floor. Chicago Theater is a beautiful building and sound is great but those seats always get in my way. WHo sits during a rock concert? Can't complain though thank the lord the show isn't somewhere like the United Center. Anyhoo we were not going to let the balcony audience slow us down, we were going to bring the floor to them. We shuffled around and negotiated a way for all of us to sit with each-other and from the first note of evil urges all the way through the encore we danced our faces off. Shortly into the set I had to urinate, I kept waiting song after song for a "piss break" song but none came, I was so excited during the encore break I never went. Maybe I forgot to go, maybe I forgot I had to go, but there was no turning back once the band came on and wordless chorus began. AAAAHHHHHHH! a favorite song among us, at-least recently, bladder is killing me and I jump around more and more to distract my mind. Made it, made it through "wordless chorus" and "highly suspicious" and that was it i could feel it, I had about 15 seconds to get to a bathroom or I would piss myself. I run down the aisle barely saying excuse me to anyone. My brother stares me down like what the hell are you doing there's only a song or two left...
I didnt care, nothing against "anytime" but I had to go. Made to the pissa and begin relieving myself...I hear cheering and hoots and hollers as I push to finish my business as soon as possible. Then right in the middle of my steady stream I hear the first notes of "one big holiday". I can feel Im no where close to finishing pissing, and shocked at how much urine Id been holding, there was nothing left to do, I knew of the pain that would come but I did not hesitate for an instant. CORK IT!...Wooo thats a rush, Sprint back up stairs and come flying around the corner into the aisle, no time to go back to my seat, Im jumping all over the place dancin' in the aisle, and soon enough friends see my return and fill in down into the aisle to join me....what a finish.

I tried to keep record of the set-list throughout the show, some pretty funny things written down as the night progressed, memory for the names of songs fades quickly along with my spelling as beers flowed.

"10 fire acostic" I assume means something off tennessee fire and it was acoustic....not sure what song I was thinking of but here is the accurate set list:

1. Evil Urges
2. Touch Me I'm Going To scream Pt.1
3. Off The Record
4. Aluminum Park
5. I'm Amazed
6. Thank You Too!
7. Sec Walkin
8. The Way That He Sings
9. Mahgeetah
10. Golden
11. Where To Begin
12. Librarian
13. Evelyn Is Not Real
14. War Begun
15. Lay Low
16. Phone Went West
17. Gideon
18. Dondante
19. Smokin From Shootin
20. Touch Me I'm Going To scream Pt.2
21. Wordless Chorus
22. Highly Suspicious
23. Anytime
24. One Big Holiday


  1. you really had to pee!

  2. I didn't realize you had to go that bad either. Just thought it was your usual jumping around maniacally.

  3. Since i have read this, i have had to pee everytime i see this poster hanging in my apartment.