Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Morning Jacket 12/28 @ Chicago Theater

Giddy up, Giddy up Again!
E flew back to NYC bright and early and Im trying to re-hydrate. Late one last night, great show, went to Pint afterwards in Bucktown. Met up with the whole crew, think there were like 30 of us from greater Chi area holding it down, I remember getting off to the side for a minute and talking to someone I didn't know as a refresher. She inquired if I was at the bar alone or if I came with friends, I looked around, and didn't want to sound like a dick but she was the only person I didnt know.

E had a bit of an Aye Aye Aye with Prospect management, I did what I could to aid and went next door to Flat Iron. Few PBRs and it was time to bail on the night. Ramble on eh? back to topic of post.

Time to do it Again, Nate Deezy, and I go pre-game down in River North with some kids. The Plan is to Meet Dan K and others at Elephant and Castle around 6 or so. Last night we went crazy, tonight its a "school night" so we plan on taking it easy. I brought my nice Nikon and am going to try to capture some nice photos since we are down in front tonight.

Nate is a newbie, hes never heard any MMJ songs, what a way to get to know a band. Time to get to the guts of this tale. Leave buddy's apt. We'll see them later at the show, head to E&C, few pops, some nachos, and into the show we go. I wasn't worried about my camera or anything because the night before I saw all kinds of kids snapping photos, and flashes goin' off all over. I walk in with ticket in hand and big Oo camera hanging around my neck. Security doesn't let me get far and begins asking questions about the camera and telling me I have to check it, that I can not bring it in to the show. A little annoyed now I check it at the coat check and go get a drink. Im not happy, I could have brought my smaller camera and it would have been fine, I could have just held the camera under my hoody and I probably could have snuck it in. Now I have to burden of being out with this camera all night if we go out after (yes I know we said we'd take it easy tonight) and I don't even get any pictures out of it. Miffed we go to our seats.

Shortly thereafter the show begins, and I am pleasantly surprised they open with "At Dawn" instead of the expected "Evil Urges". 3 songs in though I can't get over that they took my camera because it had a removable lense. In a huff I storm out of the show and walk straight over to coat check. I give them my ticket and say,

"Give me my camera"

"Sir, are you leaving?" they ask.

"Yes, this show bores me," I say.

I receive my camera, tuck it under my hoody, walk towards the exit with a peripheral eye on security, and when backs are turned I button hook roll and quickly walk back in. No stopping, no eye contact, left leg, right leg, I know if i get into the show and past the usher thats it I'll make it. Once inside the show I'll be lost in the crowd. You'd think I was smuggling drugs or a weapon...no just a guy trying to take a few nice pictures.

I made it. Back at my seat everyone cheers that I was successful. I take back anything I ever said about not learning anything at public school. Great show and got some great shots, I think 400+, probably only 50 or so really worthwhile but thats the way it goes. Oh and those guys put on another spectacular show. Rocked! and as for making it an early night because Dan had work and I had an early flight...well it was a good goal, our high from the show got the best of us. Went to an after party and then closed the bars. NYC here I come!

1. At Dawn
2. It Beats 4 U
3. Evil Urges
4. I'm Amazed
5. Gideon
6. What A Wonderful Man
7. Golden
8. I Will Sing You Songs
9. Lowdown
10. Sooner
11. Thank You Too!
12. Anytime
13. Remnants
14. Lay Low
15. Highly Suspicious
16. Off The Record
17. I Think I'm Going To Hell
18. Smokin From Shootin
19. Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt.2
20. Run Thru
21. Look At You
22. Nashville To Kentucky
23. Steam Engine
24. Cobra
25. Wordless Chorus
26. One Big Holiday

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  1. Glad to hear you learned something in public school!