Monday, April 6, 2009


Phish has just announced more dates for the 2009 tour. If thats not news enough, one of the additional dates is Boston, Ma...and yes the venue is historic Fenway Park.

Okay this is getting out of hand. First they get back together for one 3 night show, then they announce a tour that will end @ ALPINE VALLEY, then they extend said tour with trips out west including 4 nights @ RED ROCKS and a show in FENWAY PARK. How does Chicago get Toyota Park and Boston gets FENWAY. Chicago got owned. Then again other than the historic significance of Fenway is it really the right place to see Phish? It can't be better than Alpine. No way. And the cops are way to strict out there, not to mention their ruthless riot police who killed a fan with a 'projectile fired to disperse crowds'

The Fenway Park show is scheduled May 31st and tickets go onsale April 17th. Lev you got to go and represent HGH.

more info can be found at the band's website


  1. don't worry....alpine WILL rock

  2. I'm with KZ, though I love Fenway for baseball, I'll take my shows at alpine for Phish. That said, if anybody is going to this I'd love to hear a report.