Saturday, April 11, 2009

Andrew Bird - Civic Opera House, Chicago - 4/10/09

"Well ya get down the fiddle and ya get down the bow, kick off your shoes and you throw 'em on the floor..."

Alright so it wasn't Alabama, but I did get a little excited after Mr. Bird removed his shoes and tossed tem to the side after his first song. Unfortunately he didn't 'dance in the kitchen till the mornin night.'

There is no question the guy is a talent, and an interesting one at that. The sounds and harmonies he creates are unique and with great attention to craft. He truly is a musician. Mastering music as opposed to an instrument. It really just wasn't my cup of tea. Or maybe that was the problem, it was music I'd love to listen to sipping tea while reading the news or diving in to a thick book, it was not music for my Friday night. The music was subdued but not nearly as much as the crowd. I have never seen a more sober and polite crowd in my life at any live music event. Honestly people get more rowdy at symphonies. One time hearing Mozart's Requiem Jim and I witnessed fans booing and shaking fists because they were displeased with the changes and liberties the composer had taken with Mozart's piece.

Anyway what can you do, can't love everything you see. Good music, blah show not sure if it was the crowd, the venue, or my mood. It was quite interesting however to see how A. Bird makes music, it is unconventional, and one thing is for sure, the kid can f-en whistle. Check him out, he is good, I know this write up isn't the best sell since its clear I didn't love it, but give a listen and reach your own conclusions. What the hell do I know? Im going to give his album a few re-listens right now.

Heres a sample track:
Andrew Bird - Masterswarm - Buy Album

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