Thursday, April 2, 2009


All the great artistic, screen-printed, posters can't compete with this method of advertisement...

The ladies of Lez Zeppelin will be in Chicago this Saturday @ the Double Door ($20). I've been debating if I am going to attend or not. I saw them put on a good show at Bonnaroo last summer, then a few months later I checked em out again in Boston. They absolutley killed it. Cover bands like this are few and far between, hell if you can't get the real thing it beats the cd. Their sound is spot on to Zeppelin. This music is meant to be heard live, and we thank Lez Zep for doing what they do, and looking good. (future RHOTW?)

check out their version of The Ocean:

Lez Zeppelin - The Ocean

And their stage moves during Black Dog:


  1. ...and in NY May 14th. The package might have to be delivered.

  2. You must be kidding?
    All the great promo cant save a suck azz band - based on all I heard I went to see them: Just plain silly. "Killed It' is so right, they Killed some great music dead - Singer can't sing, guitar player was good on about 2 songs, drummer was way off, piano-organ was a joke, sound was pitiful. Crowd was leaving in big groups. Do your homework, the band in the video is not the same band.

  3. Saw them at Bonnaroo last summer and had a great time. I do understand that they have had a shuffle in their lineup. Has that hurt their performances? Dunno. But they put on a good show last summer.