Friday, April 3, 2009

David Byrne Added To 'Dark Was The Night' Lineup

OK I'm getting even more excited for this one. The lineup keeps improving. David Byrne being added isn't a real surprise. Feist kind of let that one out of the bag with a posting on her own site, but the confirm is still sweet. Anybody want to join me at the show May 3rd? Still got an extra ticket.


  1. The National and Bon Iver have two of my favorite albums and if the Derby wasn't that weekend i would have to make the trip. A few notes on Bon Iver......His first album was recorded in a cabin outside of Eau Claire, Wisconsin by himself, Awesome! Although his new song Blood Bank is great, his song Skinny Love shines on his first album.

  2. JQ, this article by Sasha Frere-Jones from the Jan. 12, 2008 New Yorker gives a little of the Bon Iver and "For Emma..." backstory you refer to. Check it.

    Into The Woods: The Bon Iver Sound