Saturday, April 4, 2009

Christopher Denny @ Duke's 4/3/09 Chi, IL (pictures & videos)

If you haven't heard Christopher Denny's voice you're in for a treat. You couldn't ask for a better setting than Duke's Hideaway to experience it live (LIVE MUSIC & COLD BEER). It'd be like having the kid over in your living room. Everyone in the band, Chris Denny, Graham Wilkinson, PJ from Cincinnati, traded off taking the mic and guitars. The show was more like a group of friends drinkin', jammin' and having a good time at a bar compared to the structure of most concerts. It was fly by the seat of your pants between songs, but once they were playin' it was no joke.

Chris played his fan favorite 'Time' along with some of his other tracks like 'Westbound Train' off his album 'Age Old Hunger.' Chris even came out and did a great version of 'Dead Flowers'...which might have even replaced Townes Van Zandt's version as my favorite. The whole crew was a great bunch.

I had the chance to talk to Chris briefly over a beer and he told tales of 'workin the corners' with his guitar in Chicago for months down by Wellington and Sheridan, near a Walgreens. Then how while on the road going through Amarillo (not by morning) they hit a snow storm, slid on some ice, jack knifed the trailer, and crashed the van...he said, 'man we almost died'. Well we sure are glad they didn't. The kid loved his whiskey and smoked more cigarettes than any man should in a week. Give Chris Denny a listen, keep the kid off the corner and at least in the bar - buy his album.

Christopher Denny - Age Old Hunger - Buy Album

Check out some pics and videos below

Here's Chris Denny and Graham Wilkinson gettin after one of Chris' new songs...

And again soon after here they are giving a new sound to a classic, oh and that guy on the far right rockin' the slide guitar is Neil, the owner of the bar. He stepped in and the kid could play.


  1. I'm sold. I'll be out to see him next week. April 8 @ The Living Room and/or April 9 @ Hill Country.

  2. It was a great time. I'm hoping to check em out again when they return to Chi.

    At one point Graham yelled to Chris, "someone buy that guy a shot he sings like a girl!"

    Chris looked back over his shoulder and responded, "I'm bankin on it"

  3. Boss what a time. I'll be at the RED LINE TAP on April 14th for their return to Chicago.

  4. I think I can even make out a couple trademark "Alright!"s from Big D after the rendition of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door". Awesome.