Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How The F Did I Miss This? The Dead Weather @ Bowery?

You have to know work has taken over too much of your life when you completely miss the word that these tickets are going on at 10 AM today. I had no clue until about 2 this afternoon, by which point said tickets were long sold out. My real wonder is how did no one mention it to me??? Pick me up in these hectic times.
It should be a fun debut show for this ragtag bunch over at the bowery. I wish I was going. I wish I wasn't swamped at work. I wish my internet was a little more dependable...and I wish I was a little but taller...and had a '64 impala (you know where I'm going...)

Anybody get tickets? Going?


  1. i subscribed to the email mailing list. i suggest you do the same....

  2. on the list...need to check my email more often...