Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dr. Dog - Double Door, Chicago, IL - 4/10/09 (Pictures)

We received a report about Friday night's Dr. Dog show from our friend KZ ... wish I coulda been there. Thanks KZ!

Tracy was pretty aggressive Friday night.... we were the girls in the front row ;)
So basically the show rocked. We showed up in the middle of The Cave Singers set. They were great. Solid sound. Kind of folky...they are from Seattle so they remind me a little of Blitzen Trapper. The lead singer got after it on the harmonica. We talked to him afterward actually. He was cool....great beard and looked like Dan Auerbach. Dr Dog came on around 1030. They played everything from Fate. (never played the girl...which I was rattled about) Those boys can jam! They love dancing around. They were literally running into eachother because the stage was kind of small. but they jammed!!!!! The crowd was full of hipsters...AWESOME! Overall a great time and for the record double door is now my favorite place to see a show. My only complaint is the staircase in the middle of the bar. (i mean literally in the middle of the bar) Happy Easter! xo, KZ

More pics from the show below

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  1. Thanks for the report KZ. Sounds like a fun show.