Sunday, April 5, 2009

Heiruspecs @ Abbey Pub 4/3/09 Chi, IL (Setlist)

Two weeks in a row i have ended up at the Abbey Pub. I am not to familiar with the group but they really impressed me to say the least. The full band that backs the two MC's were great and seeing them showed the full range of talent that each of these musicians posses. Their albums do not do justice to how great they are. Take a look at the set list below.


Heiruspecs - Pay To Play - Buy Album

Heiruspecs Set list

Get up
Without much sleep
All in All
I know
Move with Me
Pay to Play
Let it Fly
Not You
Slammin' Caprice Doors
Some from None
Change is Coming
Bright Light
Tongue slingers
The Nguyens
HeartSprings/ Rick Ross
We Want Want a new Flow
Get up

War Drums

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  1. ...and when Quinn the eskimo gets here everybody's gonna jump for joy.

    I'm jumping. Welcome JQ. Did you just describe Heiruspecs as great? I guess I'll have to go have a listen. Hip-hop and it don't stop.