Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rocker Hottie(s) Of The Week - Katzenjammer

With the Bonnaroo hangover in the air and paying tribute to our Norwegian roots this week's Rocker Hotties of the Week are the ladies of Katzenjammer. The band consists of Soleig Heila, Anne Marit Bergheim, Turid Jorgensen and Marianne Sveen—an between them they play the tuba, the balaika bass, drums, harmonica, piano, banjo, accordion, mandolin, guitar, melodica and, very efficiently, the aforementioned trumpet. They played the David Byrne curated stage this weekend at Bonnaroo and picked up a Norwegian Grammy somewhere along the way. Have a look. Have a listen.

Katzenjammer - A Bar In Amsterdam

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  1. Thanks sir, I like switching it up every now and then but that header picture will always be my favorite.