Friday, June 12, 2009

Band Of Horses @ Carnegie Hall 6/11/09 (pics & setlist)

I had the chance to make my first ever visit to Carnegie Hall tonight to catch Band of Horses play an acoustic show. After a couple quick frosty beverages in the Carnegie Hall museum (got a little history lesson, saw a lot of autographed pics) we settled into our seats to see BOH take the stage about 9:15. The combination of it being an acoustic performance and being in Carnegie Hall made for a impressive performance that highlighted lead singer Ben Bridwell's vocals and the bands' haunting overall sound. They played around with a few tunes, playing 'Weed Party' a little quicker than usual and 'Wicked Gil' a little slower. The latter got a heckle from an audience member who shouted "Pick up the pace." To which Bridwell slyly responded, "We're gonna slow it down for you guys a bit" before launching into a stripped down version of 'The Funeral'. It was a fun show in a new and different setting. More pictures and an attempted setlist under the fold.

Band Of Horses

Band Of Horses
Band of Horses
Band Of Horses
Band Of Horses
Band Of Horses

Band Of Horses @ Carnegie Hall 6/11/09 Setlist:

Part One
Marry Song
Why You Never Get Older
Window Blues
A Song For You (Gram Parsons cover)
Compliments Down
The Great Salt Lake
Weed Party (in double time)
Wicked Gil (in half time)
The Funeral
New Song (by Tyler Ramsey)
No One's Gonna Love You more I can't please!

Ode To LRC (Ben Bridwell & Tyler Ramsey)
Detlef Schrempf
The General Specific

Follow the band's tour blog and check out their website. Catch them at Bonnaroo this Sunday if you're in TN while you're at it.

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  1. dude I want that poster... I hope you bought one...
    Im still upset these guys are only comin to Chi for Lolla...Id much rather see em at Aragon or the Riv. Good Post

  2. haha riley you are so picky! don't worry i'll give you a full report from lolla.... ps whats the word from TN? how is b-roo going? any good bloggs out there yet? oh and i'm listening to back on the train right now.

  3. I thought about it, but did not pull th trigger on the poster. Sorry Riley.
    I hear you on a smaller venue, but the lolla show could be good. Depends on their time, stage, and who they're up against.
    Anyway, good times.

  4. What an awesome show, what a great band, what awesome dudes!! I never wanted this show to end.

  5. was that last song before the encore a George Jones song?

  6. Heckel & Jeckel by George Jones maybe?