Thursday, June 18, 2009

Andrew Bird @ Radio City Music Hall, NY 6/18/09 (review & setlist)

A little bit of an aye-aye-aye day kept me at work til past 8PM today and fearing I was going to miss this show. My co-worker who was to join me was a casualty of the unexpected lengthening of the work day, so it was a solo mission tonight. I missed Calexico who was opening, but made it for Andrew Bird and the main event albeit in work clothes and sans camera. At least I had my tickets with me.
I was glad I made it. The show was a good finish to what has been a busy couple weeks for me. I was able to settle in with a couple cocktails and enjoy Bird's layers upon layers of sound with loops of the violin, xylophone, etc. He played a few tracks from his recent Noble Beast and some faves from older albums. I was sorry I didn't have the camera. The stage lighting and effects were impressive and photo ops were aplenty. Good times. I love me some 'Effigy' and 'Why?'. Bird's lyricism and obvious musical multi-talents shines through on most all the tunes.
Anybody else at the show take some pics? Have a link you'd like to share. Leave us a comment.

Andrew Bird @ Radio City Music Hall
, New York 6/18/09 Setlist:
Fiery Crash
Opposite Day
Fitz and the Dizzyspells
Oh No
Skin Is, My (w/ Calexico)
Scythian Empires (w/ Calexico)
Tables and Chairs (w/ Calexico)

Don't Be Scared
Fake Palindromes

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  1. i don't have any pictures, but i recorded Opposite Day on my flipvideo...

  2. ooopppsss sorry meant

  3. Ephman, thanks for the link. I gotta get one of those flips. You like?

  4. I'm pretty sure that Dark Matter was right in the beginning as well. His little intro went right into Dark Matter.

  5. The intro was a combination of Sweetbreads and Darkmatter. It was kind of a hybrid of the two songs.