Monday, June 22, 2009

Phish @ Alpine Valley 6/20/09 (Pics & Setlist)

Phish @ Alpine Valley 6/20/09

I don't know what to say about the Phish shows from this past weekend. I'm still a little sleep deprived and dehydrated and haven't totally processed the whole thing, but I know this; there were a lot of people (37,000+) that had a keeeeck ahhhhsss time dancing around southeastern Wisconsin. Maybe the coolest thing on the weekend was the anticipation and absolute joy that was shared by the crowd as the first notes of 'Punch You In The Eye' were played at 7:48 PM on Saturday night. Anyone looking around the crowd would have seem smile after smile and a lotta high fives as fans were treated to the first live Phish at Alpine since '04. The band always has haters and everyone has a right to their opinion, but I'm not sure that any band's music makes its crowds that HAPPY! Everyone was cheesing as the guys went into 'Runaway Jim' and then 'Stash'.
That's an F-ing start. They wouldn't let up. It was a serious greatest hits concert with a little something for everybody. Check it. The Makisupa alternate lyrics were pretty funny as Trey changed it up a little bit and poked fun at his clean living these days:

"Woke up this morning,
Pissin' in jah cup.
Woke up this afternoon,
Called my probation officer."

6/20/09 Alpine Valley Music Theatre , East Troy, WI

Punch You in the Eye (9:17)
Runaway Jim (9:32)
Stash (12:08)
Ya Mar (7:14)
Bathtub Gin (13:05)
Kill Devil Falls (8:20)
Train Song (2:47)
Farmhouse (4:55)
Sparkle (3:47)
Run Like an Antelope (10:25)

Waves (8:23)
Sample in a Jar (5:20)
Maze (11:37)
Makisupa Policeman (5:13)
Ghost (11:58)
The Lizards (10:31)
You Enjoy Myself (12:27)
NICU (4:56)
Prince Caspian (6:49)
Waste (5:32)
Fire (5:15)

Character Zero (7:37)

Phish @ Alpine Valley 6/20/09
We still got tomorrow? Man, sh!t... Favorite tunes of the night? Leave us a comment.

More pics below.

Phish @ Alpine Valley 6/20/09
Phish @ Alpine Valley 6/20/09
Phish @ Alpine Valley 6/20/09

I-I see the man mulcahey!

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  1. Jealous guys, thanks for the offer again though!

  2. it was a great show and i'm still smiling :)

  3. Next time J. Toyota Park maybe...Riley you still got 1 extra?

  4. they played alpine in '04.

  5. Anon, good looks. Article changed accordingly.