Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dr. Dog @ Prospect Park 6/27/09 (pics, vids, etc.)


Last night I made my way to Prospect Park for the free Celebrate Brooklyn performances by Phosphorescent and Dr. Dog. I'd never been to one of these shows before and have to say it was well put on; plenty of space even with a good sized crowd, easy access to beers, and the best price in town, FREE. The only down side being that the show had to end promptly at 10:30pm. Fun show with a bunch of Dr. Dog faves; The Ark, From, Hang On, The name a few. Take in some of the multimedia below.

Dr. Dog - The Ark @ Prospect Park 6/27/09 from Jim Longstreet on Vimeo.


Dr. Dog - Hang On @ Prospect Park 6/27/09 from Jim Longstreet on Vimeo.

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  1. like the videos. way to keep the site interesting :) can't wait to see how the footage will turn out when you are closer to the stage.

  2. yeah it was an interesting first run with the new toy. I'm hopeful that I'll get better with the thing.