Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little Joy @ Double Door, Chicago 6/15/09

I'm going to see these guys at the bowery next week, but this past Monday night Little Joy played at the Double Door in Chicago and KZ was nice enough to pass along a little recap and a couple pics from her night at the show. Thanks for sending KZ! Anybody else have a chance to see the show in CHI?

"Katy T and I went to Little Joy Monday night at the Double Door. They had an opening band...the Ragtones. Not bad. Little Joy came on around 930. Rodrigo Amarante, lead singer, opened up the set solo on stage. He played a Brazilian song with the acoustic guitar. It was amazing. His voice is amazing. He was then joined by Binki Shapiro and the rest of the band. They played most of their songs from the album. They talked and joked ALOT with the audience. Rodriogo explained, "We talk alot because we don't have many songs." We appreciated the honesty. Binki sang a few songs solo. That girl needs to be RHOTW. Her voice, as Katy described, is hauntingly beautiful. Overall GREAT time."

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