Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rocker Hottie Of The Week - Alexandra Lawn of Ra Ra Riot

There has been plenty posted already about All Points West on this blog, but aside from walking away from the festival with a couple pairs of shoes that might never be the same, I walked out knowing I had a few potential RHOTW nominees in mind. At the top of that list is this week's winner. She is the smokeshow cellist Alexandra Lawn of Ra Ra Riot.
Now I will admit I've always been leery of cellos in rock bands, but count me converted. I didn't catch Ra Ra Riot at APW (and after seeing pics am sorry I didn't), but I have been jamming on their debut LP, The Rhumb Line. Good stuff (love "Dying Is Fine). With Alexandra Lawn on cello we all have another reason to enjoy some Ra Ra Riot.

Listen for yourself and be sure to check Alexandra and Co. this weekend at Lollapalooza. Full tour dates can be found here.

Ra Ra Riot - Dying Is Fine

Enjoy some more pics of RHOTW Alexandra Lawn below.

Photos by Paige K. Parsons of thecolorawesome.com

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  1. If you were going to Lolla Riley you could see her yourself...

  2. She is so hot!!! The only reason anyone would pay attention to this band, as a matter of factly, these guys should be ashamed of themselves for writing music like that.

  3. holy shit just because their music doesn't fit your tastes doesn't mean its terrible music... they should be proud of whatever music they decide to make

  4. I went to school with her she was always so hot I had such a crush...couldn't believe it when I saw her in this band

  5. she is definitely really beautiful, but she is also definetly NOT the only reason to listen to RRR, their music is awesome!

  6. um hello,
    what about Rebecca Zeller, the violinist?
    Now SHE is a hot girl.
    I love RRR, awesome band