Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Phish @ Toyota Park, Bridgeview, IL 8/11/09 (Set list + Pics)

First of all, I'd just like to say I'm thankful they played Loving Cup as an encore. That song has been a favorite of mine for a long time and its always seemed like something they play a lot just had never been when I was in attendance.

Hustled out of work and met up with the crew. We had WK, Dato (his 1st show), JB, and myself this time around. Dodged traffic on super secret alternate route to Bridgeview and got down there in time to hit a local liquor store, or in this case a 7/11. A few quick lot beers and WK tells us it is his birthday at midnight. What a way to celebrate a birthday. Not a lot of time to kill so into the show we go. We purchase beers and carve out some decent real estate as they kick off Kill Devil Falls. It was shortly after this, sometime during Ocelot, that Dato disappears into the night and it won't be until after the show that we see him again. Luckily he made it out alive and had a good experience despite wandering alone for basically the entire show.

more below the fold, including pictures and set list

As for Phish's performance they killed it. Forget the Phan Snobbery and whatever you hear about Trey and the boys losing their chops. If I hear one more kid say it was an average show with a mediocre encore I'll lose it, let alone if you tell me Widespread Panic is a better band/live show. It is all hogwash. Just take a peak at the set list. To be honest even the new commonly bashed song, Time Turns Elastic, is beginning to grow on me, theres a great build up in that song and it closed out the first set well. I always love hearing Gumbo, and all us Chicagoans appreciated Windy City. The 2nd blew us away, so much I almost resorted to urinating in a water bottle amongst the crowd. 2001 was unreal! I could go on and on. KZ had a camera from where she was sitting and shared these pictures. Unfortunately none us had a camera because there would have been some choice mementos.

:::SET 1:::
Kill Devil Falls (7:59)
Sample in a Jar (5:40)
Ocelot (10:23)
Paul and Silas (3:04)
Windy City (6:08)
The Curtain With (13:59)
Train Song (3:17)
Gumbo (5:51)
Heavy Things (7:04)
Time Turns Elastic (17:29)

:::SET 2:::
Backwards Down the Number Line (14:08)
Carini (7:23)
Gotta Jibboo (10:05)
Theme from the Bottom (8:30)
Wilson (5:58)
2001 (8:41)
Chalk Dust Torture (8:55)
Harry Hood (13:23)
The Squirming Coil (10:16)

Loving Cup (7:27)

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  1. i was sooooo happy about loving cup. that's def my favorite! fun times!

  2. Dude you pissed in a water bottle while in a crowd of people? That is pretty messed up.

  3. Phish snob comments- I agree they kill the buzz. Everything has to be stack-ranked these days. And while this show did not measure up to the insanely good west coast run that just completed Red Rocks through The Gorge- it was a typically average Phish show. Which means- it was far better then anything any other band can bring on a given night.

    We all know at this point WSP sux.

  4. "far better then anything any other band can bring on a given night."

    Well put.

  5. Let's not go so far as to say that WSP sucks. Jimmy Herring shreds and since his addition to that band they have been killing it. That being said, 1st set looked average, 2nd set looked great. Can't wait for Darien tonight. Forbin's?