Monday, August 3, 2009

All Points West 2009: Sunday, Muddy Sunday

All Points Wet
Back in March when the lineup came out for All Points West and we previewed it here at Happy Genius Heroes I made the mistake of using the phrase;
"I might have to check APW out this year...if only for a day to get my feet wet."

Poor choice of words I realize now. Between Friday's festivities and those of Sunday I certainly got my feet wet.

I didn't last long in the mud Sunday. I watched Lykke Li, Black Keys, and Ghostland Observatory. Good times and it was all bonus since I'd only planned on coming Friday. I'll have some videos from Ghostland tomorrow. They were their standard awesome.

In the meantime, a real DG to get you through the Monday morning.

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  1. two for one-reminds me of twickets at great america. I think mud is good for your skin-music is definitely good for your soul. thanks for another good report.

  2. that is ridiculous!!!!!!!! (looks funt though!) could you imagine sitting next to her on the subway. :)

  3. Glad I wasn't next to her on the ride home. I was muddy enough. They did look like they were having fun though.