Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dog Days Of Summer At HGH

There's been a little bit of this going on of late:

And a little bit of this too:

...but not a lot of blogging. We apologize for the slowdown in posts. Riley's out giving it his all in the mountains in CO and I just relocated 800 miles or so.

I wish I could say postings would be resuming their normal pace now, but Riley's out til next week and I'm heading out for a fishing trip for the weekend.

How 'bout a few tunes to get us through the slow time?

Theme: Fishing, moving, mountains.

Pete & The Pirates - Moving

Iron & Wine - Upward Over The Mountain

Henry Thomas - Fishing Blues

Enjoy and we'll be back up to speed next week...probably. -JL

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  1. i miss the daily blogging! hurry back!

  2. ps i'm happy to see my pirates finally made the cut ;)