Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rocker Hottie Of The Week - Binki Shapiro (of Little Joy)

photo by deneyterrio

Things have been a little hectic on the home front, but I didn't want anyone to think we'd forgotten about our Rocker Hotties out there. This week (a little late I know) we honor vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Binki Shapiro of Little Joy as our Rocker Hottie of the Week. More pics, etc. under the fold.

Sad to say that I had tickets and missed the Little Joy show in NY 6/23 (I needed the rest). I'd been jamming on the smooth beachy tunes of Little Joy since the release of their self titled debut last fall. I hear it was a good show. Read about it at The Village Voice, check out some more Binki pics below, and have a listen to the voice behind it all. Good stuff.

My Little Joy - Unattainable (Live on KCRW 12/19/08)

Check the full KCRW set at Rollo Grady.

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  1. Thanks-we'll get to see her in Chgo opening for Regina Spektor in Sept.

  2. Should be a good show. Be sure to report back.