Friday, July 10, 2009

'IN THE SUMMERTIME' skee-dee-da-da-da...

No denying the original Mungo Jerry tune, In The Summertime, is a jam, but what the F is going on here? Slash and Billy Idol? Who is Derek Sherinian?

I'll stick to the original. Those are Burnside sideburns my friend.

In the summertime when the weather's high,
you can stretch right up and touch the sky,
When the weather's fine,
you got women, you got women on your mind.
Have a drink, have a drive,
go out and see what you can find.

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  1. madison LOVEs this song. no soon as i sat down at the computer and played it, she came running over, jumped on my lap and starting swaying. she is the ultimate indie baby.

  2. Don't you talk to Billy Idol that way!