Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Dead Weather @ The Vic 7/29/09

The Dead Weather didn't dissapoint. Solid, solid group. As per usual went to Sheffield's for pre-show lubricant. Enjoyed a range of choice beers while waiting for Kz and Traci. Once again due to cool refreshments and good company we missed the Screaming Females open up. Luckily though I'm getting used to this new era of bands coming on stage on schedule and on time and we did arrive with plenty of time to plant our selves comfortably down front, stage left, by the bar. The Vic is a funny little place and I can't say the layout is at all logical. The place is a constant traffic cluster f*ck mainly due to oddly placed handrails throughout the joint. Once good, loud, down and dirty blues rock hits your ears though who cares right? The Dead Weather delivered just that. Allison had good energy and I was happy to see Jack White ditch the drums for a handful of songs to come up front and slam the axe. He deserves the spotlight. Don't have a setlist but they only have 1 album so thats basically what was the Bobby Dylan cover, New Pony. I'll get pics up as soon as Kz emails me the pics...

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  1. I heard they did 'Are Friends Electric?' live for the first time, is it true?